Ep.24 - Sinuses On A Plane

In this episode, host Stacy Wellborn talks with Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. about managing your sinus issues, ear-popping, and your overall health with some simple and smart travel tips when flying on an airplane. Learn some proactive measures to prepare for the sinus and head pressure many travelers experience with the takeoffs and descents associated with air travel. So, before your next flight listen to this show, pack some gum and make sure you bring your own water. Happy flying, and we're hoping you have clear skies and clearer sinuses.

Key Takeaways

1. When traveling by plane, it is important to make sure that your nose and sinuses are as open as possible. Flying while you have a head cold can lead to developing an ear infection.

2. Ears popping when ascending or descending is perfectly normal. It means your Eustachian tube is working.

3. If you have to fly while you have a cold, topical over the counter nasal sprays like Afrin can help open your nose. This may help avoid developing an ear infection

4. Having a severe sinus infection or middle ear problem when flying can be painful, but when your ears pop, that's a good thing.

5. On an airplane, you're in a closed metal tube with a lot of people with recirculated air, so it's the perfect opportunity if you're not sick to get sick.

6. Before flying using topical over the counter nasal sprays like Afrin can help tremendously with your sinuses when traveling.

Need an Appointment or Sinus Consultation?

Call Dr. Swain's staff at 251-470-8823 or schedule an appointment here. Ep.17: Sore Throat & Strep

The Doc Says:

Flying has gotten better in terms of trying to keep people safer and trying to keep people healthy on an airplane.

When you are descending, make sure you have some water or something like that to swallow that helps make sure your eustachian tubes stay open.

When you change altitude, whether you're going up in the air or going down while your scuba diving, the pressure changes, and that can affect your ear.

If you have tubes in your ears or a hole in your eardrum when you fly on an airplane, you will not feel your ears "pop."

To avoid getting while traveling, wash your hands regularly. Try to make sure that your nose is not congested before flying.

Drinking alcohol will not help avoid getting sick.

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