Ep.23 - Let's Talk Hearing Aids

There's some stigma associated with having hearing aids. People sometimes can't see that some easy things can really improve your quality of life. - Dr. Swain

When your ears are ringing, that's the cochlea saying it's not happy. - Dr. Swain

In this episode, Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. and host Stacy Wellborn talk about hearing aids and when you or your loved ones need to consider them. Dr. Swain explains the "ringing" in your ears, how to start a conversation with a patient to consider using hearing aids, how innovation has changed these medical devices, and the best ways to protect the hearing you have now. Dr. Swain encourages people not to back away from their hearing loss and to consider looking into these innovative medical options to improve their overall quality of life.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Hearing loss can cause communication problems and decrease your overall quality of life.

  2. Hearing aids can dramatically improve your hearing loss issues and overall quality of life.

  3. Your sense of sight and your sense of you're hearing the most valuable things that human beings have to be able to communicate.

  4. Hearing aids have a stigma associated with them, but they have become incredibly small and unnoticeable. They are nothing to be embarrassed about.

  5. Over time loud noises that damage the inner part of the cochlea will cause hearing loss.

  6. Protective equipment for your hearing from loud noises is the best way to protect your hearing.

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Dr. Swain Says:

Depending on what a patient's hearing test shows and you're missing things that you should not necessarily be missing, hearing aids can really help your quality of life.

I don't ever tell people you have to have a hearing aid because you're not going to die without a hearing aid if you have hearing loss.

Hearing is such a big part of your quality of life, but we're not trying to give a patient something they don't want or don't need, especially when it's expensive.

A pair of glasses to help you see better and some hearing aids to help you hear better, those can really make a difference.

Loud noises are the biggest thing you worry about from for day to day activities. Concerts, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, rifles, shotguns, all of these things can damage your hearing.

Long term outcomes show that if you hear well as a child, that will give you multiple benefits as you get older, specifically being able to speak normally because children learn to talk through listening and their ability to hear.

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