Ep.22 - Hearing Loss: A Must Listen

In this episode, Stacy Wellborn and Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. talk about the diagnosis, common causes, testing, and treatment of hearing loss. Dr. Swain explains the importance of finding the "why" of the hearing loss. Whether it's from a viral process, genetic problem, ear infection, trauma, or if it involves an inner ear tumor, hearing loss is very common and should be treated by a qualified ENT Doctor.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Hearing loss is common, has many causes, and affects people of all ages.

  2. For the best treatment results, the ENT physician needs to find the cause and the "why" of the hearing loss.

  3. To distinguish how a patient is hearing or what kind of hearing loss, requires an audiogram test by a qualified audiologist.

  4. ENT physicians and surgeons treat hearing loss problems.

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Dr. Swain Says:

When somebody comes in with a bad sinus infection, and their nose is congested, a lot of times, their ear feels congested.

Your ears, nose, and throat are all connected. And so that's one reason why people will complain of hearing loss when they have a bad sinus problem.

When you're trying to sort out why does someone have hearing loss, it can get complicated. Do you have a conductive problem, neural problem, or a mixture of both?

There are three types of hearing loss: conductive, neural, and a mix of both.

If a child has a bad ear infection, if you can get rid of the ear infection itself, their hearing improves.

If your child is getting repetitive ear infections over and over and over again, then we'll talk about putting tubes in the ears.

If you're having questions about your hearing loss, you need to get a hearing test.

You don't want to get a hearing test if you have an ear full of wax, because then you get a hearing test that's not accurate.

As an EMT doctor, I'm always concerned about the volume of the and the possibility of hearing loss.

If you hear loud noise chronically long enough, it can damage your hearing permanently.

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